Recording a Relationship…

new-75I was asked this week to describe, in one sentence, the essence of Forsake All. I instantly replied, “A relationship recorded.”  My response wasn’t exclusive to the Forsake All project; it applies to all of my music.  I wouldn’t have known how to respond if I hadn’t had this prior conversation with God.

One day I was out running, one of my favorite times with the Lord, and I asked Him about what we were doing together.  I was thinking how crazy it seemed that I had recorded a CD and had lots of songs, but didn’t remember ever deciding to write any of them.  So clearly I sensed from Him, “you’re recording a relationship.”  It made complete sense to me.  I just love to be in His presence and spend time with Him in my little music room.  Everything flows from this place of communion with Him.   His passionate and faithful love from heaven draws an intense response from my heart and I sing the song.

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